Exclusive: Jay Marmont Interview

2 years ago | Words: Jeremy Hammer | Photos: PureMX

Transmoto’s Jeremy Hammer speaks with former Aussie MX and SX champ, Jay Marmont, at the 2015 edition of the Manjimup 15,000…

Jeremy: Jay, tough day for you. Talk me through it.
Jay: Yeah, it was tough as in I’m tired, but not tough as in I’m disappointed with my result. Its kind of what I expected. To be one hundred percent honest, I’ve been on the bike twice since the Appin round when I gave my Honda back. I’ve just been working man, working flat out in an underground mine. I’ve been doing a little bit of coaching here and there, but it’s given me no time to myself. I came out here today, I got third in the first moto, and then you know, my arms blew up. Then I got fourth in the second moto, and after that the day progressively got worse. In the third moto, believe it or not, my shock actually got a bit loose in the rear end, and started kicking around a bit. So we had to go back to the stock shock for the last two. I’m not making any excuses – I was fairly tired. I could go with them for the first few laps, but that last eight-lapper, I could barely hang on. I probably let five positions go in the last half of the race. All-in-all, I was pretty happy with how the day went, no crashes. I’m able to walk out of here, and I’m happy to come back to Manjimup and do some racing on the Husqvarna. I was pumped they helped me out this weekend – One Industries and Oakley, too. And the normal Perth guys over here, who give their best work to get my bike out on the track and make sure it’s going perfect all the time.

What makes you keep coming back to Manjimup? You’ve obviously raced here quite a few times before.
This was one of my first races where I probably did well at a motocross round, it was 1999. So it was 16 years ago to this day actually. So I’ve raced this race for the past 16 years, so you know, I come back here and I guess it brings back some sparks. Like I remember having some awesome races here with the crowd and atmosphere. I love the track; it’s still my favourite track in Australia even though it beat me up that last ride. Just the whole event is cool, there’s no pressure, but it’s also a big event so I try to keep it alive, and do my thing for Australian motocross.


You’re on a Husqvarna this weekend, how did that deal come about?
Yeah Leisky (Jeff Leisk, HQVA Australia General Manager) is a great family friend. He was my first call when I needed a bike and he was happy to help me out. He’s also a really good friend with Dunnie (Neil Dunne) and everybody here as well. He knows the relationship I’ve got with the guys here in Perth and just wanted me to go out there and have some fun. He was more than happy to give me a bike, it would’ve been great to go out there and get on the podium for them, but at the end of the day, he said ‘no pressure mate, just go out there and enjoy yourself’. I think I represented the brand well; it’s an awesome bike. It nearly got me two holeshots out there, with the only two bikes in front of me being factory bikes. So for a stock bike, the thing hauls ass. Full credit to the Husqvarna crew for producing such a great bike, it made me feel really comfortable out there.

Will we see you racing any MX Nationals rounds or special events later in the year?
Probably not, I really only wanted to do this one. I might come back and do Tumbulgum or Southern Cross, and maybe some supercross at the end of the year. At this point I just wanted to come back and see if that little flame is still there for racing, and see how I went. But yeah, it definitely was. I’ve got more hunger now than what I probably did before, so I’m pretty happy with that.


How have you been finding retirement? Do you miss racing a lot?
Yeah, I miss it a lot. That’s why I haven’t been going to the races much, I’ve just been trying to stay away because I feel even when I get there at ten o’clock, I feel like I should be getting there at eight o’clock doing sign on, track walk and all that. I’ve been helping out a couple of riders, even then it’s still hard for me to be at the track and see everyone out there doing something that I was so passionate about for a long time. I’ve been trying to stay away from racing; I’ve been trying to keep my brain occupied, that’s why I’ve been working in the mines. But I’ll try making something different happen next year. I’m just trying to not think about bikes, at least for the next twelve months, to get over retirement, and see what happens in the future.

You mentioned coaching earlier, how has that been going for you?
Yeah it’s been going good, I might boost that program come next year. I’ve got a few people trying to help me out to make it a bit more professional, and try get a bit of a schedule going where people can go to a website and get some quality coaching. Also some bootcamp style stuff, I’ve got a gym and a lot of background in fitness and all that sort of stuff. So I can probably help a rider that’s not sure if he’s doing the right thing or not, and put them on a path and guide them in the right direction. So that’s something I’m kind of looking at for the future. At the moment I’m just taking it as it comes, and something should fall in place.

Awesome. Thanks for your time.
Cheers, thank you.

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