Exclusive: Josh Hill Interview

2 years ago | Words: Jeremy Hammer | Photos: PureMX

Transmoto’s Jeremy Hammer speaks with US import, Josh Hill, at the 2015 edition of the Manjimup 15,000…

Jeremy: Josh, you’ve just finished your first Manjimup 15,000. Talk me through your day.
Josh: The day started off a bit rough. I got caught up in a first-turn pile-up, came back to ninth. The second moto I got seventh. My day started to turn around once we did the elimination races. The short sprints. I kind of realised where I was going fast, and where I wasn’t. I think for three quarters of the track I was pretty much on pace with everybody, but there was a sand section in the back that I was just getting killed by Luke Styke and Kirk Gibbs. The weekend got consistently better as it went on. I went 9-7-5-4, and then in the elimination races, 3-3-2. So it wasn’t too bad.

How did the deal come about to race the Manjimup 15,000?
Chris Clark spoke to me about coming at the Vegas SX. I was injured at the time, and was just about to get released to ride. Actually, when I rode here Friday, it was the first time I touched a bike since I collapsed both of my lungs, broke my collarbone and four ribs. I just got better as the weekend went on. I didn’t have the results I wanted to have. But I got better every single moto out there; I just kept pushing forward and left it all out on the track. I’m pretty exhausted.


You’re under the Penrite Honda outfit this weekend; will we see you at any other races in Australia this year?
We’ll see. I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen. I’m not sure; I’ve got some other opportunities going on, if they end up coming about, then I may have to end up doing that. If not, then I would definitely love to come back and race supercross. I really enjoyed riding the Penrite Honda; I can’t thank those guys enough for getting me out here. Also, Chris Clark and Willie Thompson.

How long are you here in Australia for?
I’m just here for a couple more days, I got in Wednesday and I leave Wednesday. So just a little week trip, then yeah, I’ll head back home and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Do you have any deals on the table for next year? To either race supercross, or even race the outdoors in Canada again?
You know what, I haven’t even really looked into those options. I don’t really know, I love racing, and racing has been a big, big part of my life. I’ve got some decisions to make. Whether to continue doing it, or go to school. Or what else I’m going to do. I’ve had a really good run, and met some incredible people. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals, and I’ve got some thinking to do on whether to continue to do it or not.


On a different note, you would have to be proud of your little brother Justin, with how well he’s been going at the moment.
I’m super proud of Justin. Not only how good he is as a dirt bike rider, but also as a person. He’s a great kid. He’s definitely a person that I think kids can look up to; he’s got a great personality and a great heart. That’s what I’m most proud of him.

Thanks for your time, man. I appreciate it.
No problem.

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